indian character old man || iclone character free

Indian character old man. iclone 7 character free download.........

                            Indian character old man 

Indian character old man. you can use this character free and make 3d animation video in iclone software. it is very good and popular character. 

this character is good rigging and face morphing. you can easy animate this character. import this character in iclone software and select the character than go to modify panel.

indian character old man || iclone character free

select animation tab and click motion puppet. you can select any motion and animate your character. 

you can use this character in 3ds max, Maya, blender. export iclone to fbx.

if do you want more information for make animation free. you can go arjun animation tutorial. it is our youtube channel. you can learn free how to make animation video. 

Indian character old man 

indian character old man

if do you want to change old man character texture you can change old man character texture. you should go Photoshop you can change any cloth texture color after that if you want cutting character cloth you can use opacity. 

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